Edition 2022

Foto omschrijving: Visitors to a herring party eating herring at the same time on Vlaggetjesdag.

How much fish is landed?

In 2021, the amount of fish brought into Dutch fishery ports from sea was 443.5 million kilograms. That is 17 percent more than in the previous year. Most of the fish, 91 percent, landed frozen via trawlers, with the rest landed fresh by cutters. Blue whiting was the most landed frozen fish at 135.9 million kilograms, plaice the most landed fresh fish at 17.6 million kilograms.

How much fish is landed? Blauwe wijting Blue whiting Haring Herring Makreel Mackerel Horsmakreel Horse mackerel Sardines Sardines Schol Plaice Hoeveel vis wordt aan wal gebracht?135,9 131,8 72,4 42,9 21,2 17,6 million kgmln kg
Hoeveel zeevis werd in 1938 aangevoerd?